Straddling the alternate tunings of Americana and the heart of a scruffy rock n roll bar band, well respected Melbourne four piece Cold Irons Bound recall the best distorted twang of the last 50 years. Think Tom Petty jamming with Teenage Fanclub. 

Ostensibly hiding in plain sight other than to an astute few up to this point, the third Cold Irons Bound record, “No Place I Can’t Find You” shines a profound light on one of Australia's most melodic acts. 

“No Place I Can’t Find You” is the sound of a band endowed with the songwriting savvy of roots music and the tunefulness of rock n roll. These tracks have weight and are delivered with heart. The album is shot through with joyous jangle, open letters, songs that offer thanks and songs that shout at the sky. 

NPICFY is out now on Golden Robot Records.

“You've got to love a record where each song presents itself so confidently then throws in unexpected twists and turns throughout, right?”   Charles Jenkins: 

“Finds a real sweet spot between distorted twang and the noisy shoegaze of Swervedriver”.    Post To Wire:

"If you knew them already, then hats off, but why didn't you tell the rest of us? 'No Place I Can't Find You' is too good to be a best kept secret  8.5/10."   Maximum Volume Music:

"CIB have chemistry and can write a great song."  Pitch Perfect Site:

"The Australian Jayhawks."  Off The Tracks:

Mark Adams: Guitars, vocals 
Ben Carter: Guitars, vocals 
Sam Fiddian: Bass, backing vocals 
James Alderman: Drums 

Recording and mixing:   Rohan Sforcina & Cold Irons Bound | Headgap, Shovel & Methlab Studios | Melbourne 

Mastering:   Joe Carra | Crystal Mastering | Melbourne  

Design & Layout:   Matthew Colin | Castlemaine, Vic  

Label: https://goldenrobotrecords.com/