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Reviews for 'No Place I Can't Find You'

“You've got to love a record where each song presents itself so confidently then throws in unexpected twists and turns throughout, right?”                                                                                                                                                                                                Charles Jenkins: 

“Finds a real sweet spot between distorted twang and the noisy shoegaze of Swervedriver”.                                                           Post To Wire:

“4/5 Stars”                                                                                                                                                                                                            Rhythms Magazine:

"If you knew them already, then hats off, but why didn't you tell the rest of us? 'No Place I Can't Find You' is too good to be a best kept secret  8.5/10 stars."   
Maximum Volume Music: 

"CIB have chemistry and can write a great song." 
Pitch Perfect Site:

"No Place I Can't Find You is as enduring, memorable and invitingly immersive an album as anything else I've had the pleasure of choosing to accompany these balmy summer evenings 9/10 stars."
 Power Play Magazine:


Reviews for 'Don't Lose Your Mind'

"A band at the top of their game..."
Thirty Summers:

"The Australian Jayhawks"
Off The Tracks NZ:

"Have we had a discussion about how great this album is? Have I told you that in parts its the R.E.M record you've been waiting for but also much, much more?"  
Stuart Coupe:


Reviews for 'Cold Irons Bound'

"The band commands an astute control of dynamic contrasts. None of which would mean much without their knack for hooks that get under one's skin, but they do know how to deploy those for maximum impact. 'Sure Is Funny' in particular sounds like an instant classic."
The Big Takeover:

"Complex, evocative, warm and empathic... 4 1/2 stars"
i-94 Bar:

"Another local gem that crept up slowly but left an immediate impact."
Nighthawk Music - Albums of 2016:

"Twin guitars intertwine beautifully throughout. The slide work is superb."
Thirty Summers: